Ministries & Meetings

Clothes Closet
Beginning in April of 2012, we opened a clothes closet for the surrounding community and our Room in the Inn guests.  We have a variety of clothes, shoes and coats available in many different sizes. The clothes closet will be open on the third Sunday of every month from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. If you have needs or items to donate, please contact the church and leave a message for Ms. Laura Todd.

Room in the Inn
Using a model first created 28 years ago in Nashville, TN, Colonial provides food, showers and shelter for up to 12 homeless individuals one night a week during the coldest months of the year. A team of dedicated volunteers gather together in downtown Memphis every Tuesday evening to pick up our guests. Thanks to First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Olive Branch, we now have use of a small bus for this purpose. The ride to the church is always exciting and carries a sense of joy and friendship, for we have built lasting relationships with our guests.  Once at the church, volunteers from the congregation provide a hot meal. After dinner anything can happen, from impromptu concerts to a movie and card games. Our wish is to expand this ministry to other churches. For more information, please check out the web site at

CITI Summer Camp
Children in the Inn has been going strong for several years at Colonial.  In 2013, we began a new way of doing camp. We now have different churches across the city, state and even country come in and serve for a week. This gives the children a great deal of variety and fun.  We have been able to provide camp each week while city schools are out. Because of the generous support of the volunteers and churches who join in this ministry, we are able to do this for $40 per week per child for the first two children in a family.  Thereafter, there is only a $20 charge per child per week.  Keeping this camp affordable is one of our goals.  Where else can you find someone to not only look after your children from 7:30am to 5:30pm for $40 a week but to also teach them about the world and how God works in the world?  Emily Trapp is the camp coordinator and is joined by Chris Todd this year as co-coordinator. Information requests should be sent to

Media & Online Ministry
Recently we began uploading audio sermons to the website for those who are homebound or out of town can continue to receive the Word each week.  In addition, we have begun a redesign of the website which, we pray, should provide a better window into the work that we are doing at Colonial.  This is an exciting opportunity to reach out beyond our four walls and we gladly welcome all prayers for a successful ministry.

Burrito Ministry / Iona
Volunteers from Colonial and our sister church, the Iona Fellowship, gather every Tuesday afternoon to cook and assemble burritos. We then load the burritos, bottles of water and cookies and distribute them to members of the homeless community in downtown Memphis. From this group of people, the Room in the Inn guests are identified.
The A.G. Mullins Seekers Sunday School Class
This class has a membership of 11, with periodic visits from others who find the class to be stimulating and enjoyable. George Marston is the "teacher," although he prefers the term "facilitator" and, occasionally, "referee." Aside from lay members, there can be as many as four or five seminary students, who bring their expertise to the table, as well as a few differences of opinion. (The discussions can become a little noisy on occasion.) Currently, George is leading the class in the study of the lectionary. Class members have commented that they have gained a new appreciation of the worship service and sermon as a result of having read and discussed the day's Scripture lessons.

Wednesday Morning Prayer Group

Every Wednesday morning a group of dedicated souls meets at Colonial to pray for those who are sick or otherwise in special need of prayer. One person brings a devotional message to the group and all participate in a discussion following the message. In a loving way, the name of anyone with special needs is brought forward. Someone, usually the leader for the day, prays aloud for those who have been mentioned. The devotional leaders participate on a rotating basis. Pat Edwards prepares the list of leaders each year and distributes one to each member of the group.

The CORE Group
This group was started in 2007 and was an outgrowth of seminary classes on revitalization held at Colonial. The original members were Fran Benderman, Pat Edwards, Betty Fite, Cathy Kemp, Beba Mullins, and Morgan Powers. The present members are much the same with the addition of Brenda Powers and loss of Betty Fite who had too many other commitments. Their mission is to originate and coordinate activities that take Colonial out into the neighborhood. Over the years they have taken thank-you gifts to the neighboring businesses, provided meals one night a week during the summer months, and maintained a continuing relationship with our shut-ins. At one time a projector was bought for showing movies to the
children and a movie day was held for the children of  Christmas shoppers. Raising money for various outreach activities has been a priority and the group has sponsored a rummage sale, soup dinners, a barbeque dinner and a silent auction/spaghetti dinner. This group has a good time whenever they get together and anyone who likes hard work is invited to join. Pat Edwards and Beba Mullins have served as coordinators.